Auction Rules

The following are the rules of our auction.  Rules are subject to change, please check back prior to the auction.

No Warrantees

  • We make no warrantees on the condition of the car.  ​
  • All cars are sold as they are, where they are at the time of the auction.

All Sales Are Final

  • Once you have purchased the car, there is no refunds for any reason.

$50 Processing Fee On All Cars

  • A $50 administrative fee is charged on all cars for handling and processing of paperwork.  
  • This fee is added to the winning bid price and must be paid at the time of sale.

Minimum Bids

  • All vehicles may have an unpublished reserve price.  
  • Vehicles may have a bid from online.  
  • Any auctioned vehicle not meeting the reserve will not be sold.  


  • Buy-it-Now Sales - Must be paid for and removed on the day of the Buy-it-Now Sale (i.e. the day before the Live Auction). 
  • Live Auction - All vehicles must be paid for on the day of the auction. After the day of the auciton, there will be a $25 late fee per vehicle.   
  • $25 Daily Storage Fee - Any vehicles left after the day required to be removed will be subject to a $25 daily storage fee.


  • Buy-it-Now Online Bids - Vehicles bids received online can be must be paid-in-full and picked up on the Buy-it-Now Sale date before Noon.  Any vehicle not paid for by Noon the day of the Buy-it-Now Sale will be immediately put back into inventory and available for sale to other parties.
  • Buy-it-Now Live Sale - Vehicles purchased during the Buy-it-Now Sale must be paid for that day or the vehicle may be sold at the Live Auction the following day.
  • Live Auction - Vehicles purchased at the Live Auction must be paid for either the day of the auction or by the Monday following the auction if the auction is held on a Saturday.
  • If full payment is not provided on time the vehicles may be sold to other parties and the bidder may be barred from future auctions.

Payments Forms Accepted

  • We accept Cash, and Cashier’s Checks.
  • Unless pre-approved prior to the auction, no personal or business checks.  

Previewing of Cars

  • Buy-it-Now Sale - You can view and purchase vehicles at our Buy-it-Now price the day before the live auction.
  • Live Auction Preview - You may preview the cars being sold at the auction on the day of the live auction, before the auction starts.  
  • Live Auction - Once the auction starts, you will not be permitted to go in the cars.

Bidding On-line

  • We reserve the right to reject or accept any offers.
  • All on-line bidding will end the day prior to the auction.
  • You may be outbid at the live auction, in which case you will not be awarded the car.  If you are the high bidder and are awarded the vehicle, then you will be notified on the next business day following the auction.  
  • Bids are not updated to the site in real time.
  • American Title Loans reserves the right to remove or sell any unit without notice or without waiting for bidding cycle expiration and can remove any unit from bidding availability as is necessary.
  • American Title Loans reserves the right to reject any offer.
  • Only the bidder with the high accepted offer will be notified.

*Buy-it-Now Bids

  • Buy-it-Now bids are not officially awarded until the day before the auction.
  • American Title Loans can remove any unit without notice, including ones with a Buy-it-Now offer, from availability as is necessary.
  • If you purchase a vehicle using the Buy-it-Now price, you must pay for and pick the car up the day before the Auction before Noon. 
  • American Title Loans reserves the right reserves to reject any offer.